Moriarty’s is an independent cannabis company based in Seattle, specializing in 100% cannabis cigars. Marijuana is a new and booming market. Shops are saturated with products, making it difficult to stand out among the noise. My objective behind the branding was to find a rhythm between the visual impact of prohibition-era signage, and the energy of psychedelic poster art.  


the mark

The logo consists of the name, Moriarty’s, set in a modified slab serif typeface, surrounded by fine line work in the shape of an umbrella, alluding to Seattle’s climate, and a hemp leaf denoting the brands offerings.


The vibe

In reference to classic cigar boxes, Moriarty’s boxes feature a band that wraps vertically around the package, and a unique color and pattern related to blend.


The paraphernalia

To extend the brand I designed common collateral like jars, matches, rolling papers, and a “Royal” sized cigar.