Genki Sushi



Genki is a Kaiten style sushi chain with locations from Hawaii to Seattle. The company needed a rebrand that would be welcoming to a young, hip audience, as well as first time sushi eaters.


the character

When concepting for the mark, I was committed to maintaining the spirit of Genki’s original branding, while avoiding any negative connotations. The new logo is a versatile energetic icon that works well in full color or outline in any size. When choosing type, I wanted a condensed sans serif alluding to traditional sushi sensibilities with a touch of approachable softness.


The collateral 

I utilized solid, high value color blocks and created assets like a lined wave pattern and the soy sauce splash to subtly incorporate into point-of-sale items as well as Genki’s web presence.

The resulting identity suite is a playful character based mark, paired with a vibrant color palette, creating an inviting family friendly voice.