Customer Service


Customer service

My most recent duty was Creative Direction for Customer Service at Amazon's D1 Creative department. It may sound pedantic, but I consider it the most customer centric team at the most customer centric company in the world.


the task

I was ecstatic to receive the opportunity to completely refresh the look and feel of Amazon’s Customer service videos. There were hundreds of topics to cover, across dozens of devices and services. Prior to my arrival Motion Designers were working in volume, making up visuals as they went. There was very little consistency, and a facelift was long overdue.





after2_3 copy@2x.png

The effort

I collaborated closely with the team’s senior motion designer, and project lead, to develop foundational principles necessary for a successful customer service video. We ultimately concluded that each video must be relaxed, focused, and Intentional. Working within Amazon’s greater brand guides, I took those three principles and set off to formulate an all encompassing style guide, complete with a demo video thoroughly showcasing animation styles and parameters for future motion designers to reference.


The solve

While keeping the videos brand-forward, we proudly boiled down interfaces and devices to their key components, holding on to features vital to recognition such as the placement of interactive elements, and hierarchy. After successful user testing we were confident our solution would effectively provide the help customers are seeking, in the most elegant, graceful way possible.